I'm discouraged, y'all

I'm totally proud of my Minnesota-ness. Mostly. I just want to say that.

I've started filling my google reader with strangers' blogs. I'm having a great time. Some laughs, some insight, some tears. Sometimes I nearly pee my pants it's so funny. Sometimes I hope no one calls because I've got a lump in my throat too big to talk. But I'm increasingly discouraged.

I have nothing fun to say, as a Minnesotan. I'm realizing that most of these blogs I read are written by southern belles. And I am DYING to say "y'all." I. Love. It. I want to make it my own, but it's just not practical here. I need to say things like, "So I'll put the hotdish in around 5 then. And make a pan of bars." First of all, without the accent it doesn't make much difference. Second, unless you are a student of Howard Mohr's How to Talk Minnesotan you aren't even going to pick up on the nuances of the "so, then" or the "you bet."

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has longed for a different accent or vernacular. But seriously, do you ever hear how charming a Minnesotan accent is? I mean, a good Southern drawl makes me crave some sweet tea and BBQ. I want to sit on the porch between the Ionic columns and watch the horses.

What do you get with a Minnesotan accent? Besides a Prairie Home Companion and lutefisk? And I'm not about to tell you how far off base Prairie Home Companion is. I LIVE in Lake Wobegon, people. I'm not kidding. We'd lived in the house for a week when a storm knocked a powerline down in the backyard at 3 am. I called 911, and when the fire department came -- I KID YOU NOT -- the fire chief met me at my door and said, "So. I hear you got a fire in your backyard." He probably even added "then" to the end of it, but I was too spastic to remember.

I could go on, but I honestly have to make a hotdish for a potluck tonight. Y'all.


HarryJack's Mom said...

Hi, I just stumbled onto your blog and have to say that as a southerner born and bred, I'd trade you a handful of Y'alls for a cool northern accent ;-) I always hated the drawl and worked hard to get rid of it (now it's only evident when I'm tired). I bet your potluck will be delish!

Anonymous said...

Oh, this was one funny blog, ya know. Seriously, it made me laugh out loud. Usually when I tell Ohioans about "the accent" I get "People really talk like that?" Like it's fake.

Kate said...

i disagree, all my life people have told me i should write a book about small town North Branch and the crazy events that happen there. The fire dept. story, for instance sounds delightful for the blogging world. And say y'all if you want, what's the worst that could happen?

Libby Design said...

I too am addicted to several stranger's blogs. Not real sure where they're all from, but I often feel like I live a pretty boring life compared to what I read on other people's blogs. *Sigh* Maybe someday I'll be cool like all of these random bloggers. :)

C said...

My two most recent additions (children) came to us from farther northeast (we're in Oklahoma). Poor things. They couldn't figure out why we talk so funny.

They still can't figure out what we did with the "i" in "right." It comes out sounding a lot more like "rot."

Anonymous said...

Don't be discouraged... I'm in Oklahoma (aka the middle) and I say ya'll and you guys. After taking a voice and articulation class I realized how much of an okie I really was. But I refuse to say I have an accent! Especially after being ridiculed for a whole semester.

On another thought... I have talked to some of my southern bloggy friends via the telephone. I am always shocked at how southern they sound. I literally laugh for the first five minutes.

Anonymous said...

From one Minnesotan to another, TESTIFY, girl.

What about the Minnesota-long-goodbye?? Talk about that!

Anyway, I just wanted to stop by tell you that you won my Aveda giveaway, don't you know?

Is there an Aveda salon in Lake Wobegon? I wonder.


Anonymous said...

I totally enjoyed this post! I am an ex-Minnesotan who had her roots in south Florida so I picked up on the "oh Yahhh's" and the "go withs" (followed by NO pronouns!) shortly after arrival in the Twin Cities awhile ago. Not to mention the unexplainable "uffda's". Don't envy the southern accent, just go with your native Minnesota-speak! Amy P's MIL

Fawn said...

Yea, southern accents rock. We can sound sweet and congial on one hand but can sure put you in your place on the other. e.g. Gretchen Wilson.

However, here's one I simply refuse to partake in...'posed to. As in..supposed to. That's not really an accent, that's just ignorant.

BTW, my house totally has the columns and the porch swing. Built in 1901. You can sit on my swing, drink some sweet tea, eat pork rhines, and say ya'll all day long. On the weekend some fool even goes down the brick street with a horse drawn buggy, no really, he does.

Congrats on the Aveda, shoulda been mine though, I really really deserve it.

Fawn said...

So, I mis-spelled congenial. Whatever.

(please approve this comment so I only look sorta stupid)

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

This was so stinkin' hil-ar-ee-us! I was born and raised in Idaho. And ya, I'm a ho. What of it?
Then moved to Oklahoma where I have picked up a small accent in certain areas.
My father lived in Chicago for years and years and has that accent.
And finally he married a girl from New Jersey. Talk about at-ti-tude and accent...
I love the posts I've read. Loved them.