What to Wear

Along with enjoying our summer festival excitement this weekend, I also got caught up on my tivoed What Not to Wear episodes. It's really a favorite of mine. I like when the people at the end suddenly look confident. And, shallow as it may be, I know how a great outfit makes me feel.

While I was watching the women boutique hop with their $5,000 cards, I started wondering where I'd go if I had it to spend. Part of me thinks I'd stretch that baby at New York & Co. and Old Navy, and then pepper it with a little Ann Taylor Loft. Or maybe I'd just head to Macy's or somewhere and set up camp. Even with a 3 & 5 yr old, I just don't think I'd be comfortable with a $300 top. One greasy fingerprint and it's lost. And oh the DSW Warehouse!

Honestly, I can't tell you how much I'd love to do this show. Now I'm sure the secret footage is awful. And watching the clothes you've come to know so well get taken away would be rough. But two days of shopping & dressing rooms with enough money to cover my mortgage for months? Sign me up. And then a day with Nick and Carmindy? I'll take it. Although I never understand why Carmindy doesn't seem to shop by the rules.

I'm not sure where I'd wear the clothes, since I'm always home. Going to Target is sort of an occasion for me. But I swear, if I ever get stopped to be interviewed for "market research," I'd probably respond with, "and Stacy & Clinton, I'll see you in two weeks." Which will be sort of embarrassing, since it would probably really be market research.

Oh, all that to say, where would you spend your What Not to Wear $5,000?


Kate said...

I watch that show sometimes too--and while it is tempting I think I'd be so overwhelmed that I'd end up buying a new pair of jeans, maybe some sneakers and like a sweater and then collapse in the fetal position until they took the money back. Or else I'd cheat and buy clothes for Ross and the boys and my Mom or something. $5000 is just a ridiculous amount of money to spend on clothing all at once.

Libby Design said...

Can you say TWO PEAS IN A POD??? I'm in love with this show, too, and I ALWAYS feel like I could totally be on the show. And spending the money - yeah, I'd be hitting EVERY clearance rack in NYC and I'd have a billion pieces of clothing in the end. Sweet!

Some days when I head out of the house to take Peyton to school after being up working until 3am I'll think to myself, "Someone should TOTALLY be taping me right now for my debut on 'What Not To Wear' - this outfit would be a classic!". I guess it's just a matter of time until us two fashion gems are "discovered". :)

Anonymous said...

WnW is my favorite show too! It's hilarious! I always secretly wish someone would nominate me! lol

I shop usually at Winners (discount store) I can usually find some namebrands that are cheap if I watch the sales! Other than that walmart usually works. though JC penny had a sale last week when we were in the usa and picked up some cute shirts for $4 a piece! lol

great blog! and i love raisen oatmeal too! they're sweet and soft!

Tor said...

so as i said in my previous comment...i was shopping at h&m in soho. (secretly trying to find the what not to wear studio, because i know they are in soho!) i really liked that place. could have gone a lot crazier than one pair of jeans that need to be hemmed and an awesome tuxedo vest for casual work days. so i would def. go back to that store. and you know me...i would probably spend the rest at ny&co. it's where i get ALLLLL of my clothes anyway! but i would probably want some spendier things, so maybe some suits at macy's and ann taylor. and shoes...i would NOT go to dsw (that's where i go on my public servant's salary!). i would hit up the expensive nyc shoe stores. LOVE them!