I'm psychotic

Or at least that's what I told Sara Groves when I met her on Saturday at a Beth Moore conference. Seriously. "I'm psychotic." Nice.

I really enjoyed the Beth Moore conference. She was talking about being between a rock & a hard place. I learned a lot, and it was nice to crack open the Bible at something like that. And really, she just made my desire to incorporate "y'all" into my daily lexicon that much more intense.

On Saturday Beth (I sat about 4 rows from the stage, so I think we're probably on first name basis now) announced that Sara Groves had come for the conference as an every day girl like myself. Not to sing, just to be there. And as we were leaving we walked past her. I told my sister I couldn't go meet her. Mostly because those women's conferences get a girl all weepy, and I thought I might be a mess. I envisioned myself being all, "Hi, I'm a totally psychotic fan of yours." But in an effort to live in the moment, we went over. I think my sister said something like, "This is my sister Sarah, she's a psychotic fan of yours and sings all your songs." At which point I added, "I am, I'm psychotic." Nice. What was that about? What do I say now? Apparently this: "No... really... *sniff*...I can't even... *hiccup*...begin to... *sniff*...tell you how much...*sob*... your music means to... *sniff*... me." Ah yes, that was brilliant. So well spoken. Between heaving sobs. So we asked if I could get a picture with her, and she said she was all cried out, but sure.

She was so sweet. And I think I got a great picture. Also, now I have a lovely memory of me making an idiot of myself. And I'd be kicking myself like crazy if we hadn't gone over.


Shawna said...

Wow, Sarah, that's so cool! Sara Groves is amazing, what a great memory!

Sometime I'll have to tell you about the time Eddy followed Chuck Colson to the bathroom and waited for him to get done so he could talk to him. Definately a memory!

Marylisa said...

You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

with love,
your sister (and photographer)