Giving Thanks

I think there are very few traditions we've hung on to with any seriousness in our little family, but one of them is going to our church's Thanksgiving Eve service. Various people share their music, we give to missions & church needs, and then we eat pie. Music and pie. What is not to love? And I maintain that Thanksgiving is not Thanksgiving unless Bert plays the saw.

There were some other lovely songs last night as well. One of my favorites was at the end when one of the pastor's invited any man who wanted to, to join him in the front to sing "Beautiful Savior." And I thought 15-20 men would go up front. But with no hesitation, there must have been 100. Nearly every man there. A few stayed in the pews and still sang it. It was beautiful.

And my heart absolutely bursts with pride every time my nephew sings. Last night he and his dad did "At the Foot of the Cross." It's a combination of just being his aunt, crying nearly everytime I hear kids sing, and listening to his perfectly pure voice. But I often find myself looking around to see if other people are hearing what I'm hearing, or if it's just because I love him. But seriously, how many 10 year olds hold their own on harmony? Anyway. I don't think it's only me.

What I really love about the service is that it puts me in the right frame of mind for Thanksgiving. I am reminded of my blessings. And reminded where they came from. I am thankful for my husband and my children, and our families. For good friends. For a warm house with more food than we need. For all the things I consider blessings.

But I am also thankful for the things that I didn't see as a blessing, that God can and will use to bring me closer to Him. To build my character for Him. And to teach me something I needed to learn. Because God is just that good.


Marylisa said...

I so much want to say it's not just you when you listen to Colin, but I doubt my opinion counts for much.