It's beginning to look a lot like...

Ok, I am one of those people. The people who will not put up a single Christmas decoration before the Day After Thanksgiving (DAT). I will not listen to Christmas music before the DAT. I'll have good intentions of starting the Christmas shopping early, but probably won't get anywhere until December. I feel like if I start earlier, I am gypping Thanksgiving. And I like Thanksgiving. Our church has a service of music and pie the night before, and I love it. I love Thanksgiving. I love a whole day reminding us we have much to be thankful for.

All that said, I've lost my mind this year. I'm sure you know how I feel about Sara Groves. Well she came out with a Christmas cd in October, "O Holy Night." WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO, PEOPLE??? So I bought it. And put it on repeat. One song in particular, "It's True" featuring little readings from her munchkin Toby just makes me misty every single time. I love it.

What I would not give to be able to go to the Love Came Down Christmas tour. Jars? Yes please. Sixpence? Yes please. Sara Groves? Perfection. Unfortunately, it will not come within 5 states of me.

So the cd sort of put me in a festive mood. And then, I don't know how it happened -- but I bought Travis Cottrell's christmas cd too. "Ring the Bells." Now, I admit, with my penchant for all things Sara Groves, I just didn't have quite as high hopes for Travis. Because he's not Sara, is all, and she just speaks to my heart. I knew it would be good though. But holy cats, kids, I listened to it for the first time in my car and almost had to pull over. Goose bumps. Chills. Honestly -- the whole thing is SO GOOD. "Ring the Bells" with Natalie Grant? So powerful. And the man has a ridiculous voice. RIDICULOUS. I would not kid you. He pulls out his classic voice for some beautiful renditions of carols -- "O Come O Come Emmanuel" is perhaps the best I've ever heard on a cd. He uses his pop voice for some of the songs. Then out of nowhere he puts on his Harry Connick, Jr-esque jazz voice for things like "Home for Christmas Again," and I have no words. I mean, I'm using a lot of words, but you simply NEED this cd. If you like Christmas at all. It will cover all your Christmas music needs.

Furthermore, Travis is offering through his website Operation Freedom Bell. You get a cool bell and some other stuff. An American soldier around the world receives a New Testament with Psalms & Proverbs, an encouraging video by LtCol Oliver North, a video by Beth Moore, and an MP3 by Travis. For $10. Are you kidding me? These would make really, really wonderful gifts. Particularly for those you know with a loved one serving, or a veteran.

And that closes our advertising portion (unpaid, unfortunately) of this post.

Anyway, I can't help myself this year. Christmas is at the forefront. It will not be denied. I promise to still love Thanksgiving, and will try very hard to give it some attention. As a bonus, it's making it slightly easier to endure the cold temps and occasional snow.


Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

I found myself stopping dead in my tracks when I saw a Christmas Walmart commercial. I'm an early decorator for Christmas, usually. Our first Christmas in this house, we may or may not decorate early. I have GOT to get in the mindset. I'm struggling to..

Nap Warden said...

I am so not a Christmas person...I feel like a total slacker. Last year, I didn't get the tree 'til Christmas Eve:P
I will slink back to my corner now;)

HarryJack's Mom said...

I'm right there with you, trying to preserve Thanksgiving, but what can you do? Jimmy Buffett came out with Christmas Island which plays all year round at our house. You may want to try Brad Paisley's Born On Christmas day if you want a chills moment - his 13-year old self starts the song, and his adult self finishes it - gets me every time. Merry Merry!