The Negotiator

Last week we went to a Scholastic book fair at school. After finally convincing Ella that 5 is a little too old for board books, she chose a lovely Hannah Montana activity with marker. To which I said out loud, "That's great honey, because you've never even seen Hannah Montana." Random child. But I guess Sydney likes Hannah Montana, so we need an activity book. It's not a board book, fine.

Natalie picked a Klutz book making kit complete with foam shapes and googly eyes and glue stick. Which she worked on some today. Thus sending Ella into a whining frenzy.

"But I want to make a book! Natalie, can I have some of those shapes?"
"But Natalie, you need to share."
Cue crying.

This went on for a while. Ella even stormed off to her room, to throw a good fit. Sobbing. Wailing. Gnashing of teeth. Then she emerged with a plan.

"Mom? I don't want to eat dinner here tonight. I want to go somewhere else for dinner. And I think I should pick where we eat, because I don't have a book to make. I want to go to McDonald's. Because I want chicken and fries. Like the same fries from McDonald's. Do you have the same fries as McDonald's?"


"Then I want to go to McDonald's."

So, I'm off to research law schools and figure out how much that's going to cost us.


Tor said...

LOVE it! well, st. thomas is roughly $25,000 a year. good luck with that! but that's exactly why i became a lawyer...people started saying when i was that age that i should be a lawyer for those same reasons!

Emily said...

Just wait until she starts bargaining for cars...I give it 2 more years max! TexasWesleyan is also roughly $25,000/ year and unless she stars next year I'd also plan for inflation.

Is she available for universal health care negotiations?