It's foggy

Or at least it is in my head. So sleepy, and yet I feel used to it. Natalie's had a fever on (no meds) and off (with meds) since Friday night. Not sure if she got really run down, has a funky bug or if we're the proud winners of another bladder infection, but we're finding out at 11:15.

When one of my girls is sick, I don't sleep. I sleep a little, but I never let go into a deep sleep. I'm trying to hear if they so much as whimper. I'm up checking the forehead. I'm counting the hours til we can do another round of ibuprofen/tylenol.

This morning around 4:45 or 5 we started musical beds. Natalie came in and plopped her hot potato self in between us. I got up for the thermometer and checked the temp. And I got up and got her some medicine. Then I got up and got her some water. Then I got up and got a cool washcloth. Then I laid there watching her for a while til Ella came in. At which time Captain America left for Ella's bed. A little while later it was clear Natalie did not plan on sleeping, so she and I headed for the living room. And sent Captain America back to bed with Ella.

Basically, I could use a nap.

Hey, remember when Ella graduated from kindergarten? That was awesome.

I survived the program and will maybe give it its own post tomorrow, after I've hopefully had some sleep.