Zithromax, I love you

Here, for all the world to see, I pledge my love to Zithromax.

A month or so ago Natalie had a bladder infection. She started out on sulfa-something-or-another. Then we switched to Zithromax because she wasn't getting better and BAM. All good.

Yesterday Ella was fine. Last night she mentioned something about her head hurting. Overnight she cooked up quite a fever, and said her throat hurt. This morning, she still looked pretty tough and her throat hurt something awful. She was whispering. ELLA. WHISPERING. Ella. Honestly, I'm not sure I've ever heard her talk so quietly. And that's how I knew it was serious.

Thankfully, we have same day Saturday morning appointments here in Lake Wobegon, so we didn't have to use the ER. She had the throat culture right away -- poor thing. Sure enough it came up positive for strep. And then the doctor described her throat as "angry."

She looks tough today. Not hungry. Throat hurts. Tired. But Zithromax, I know you will come through. By tomorrow she'll be bouncing off the walls. And back to her normal volume.