The zoo purge

Over the weekend I had the girls gather up all of their stuffed animals. I mean every last fuzzy little one.
No wonder floor sightings in their room had become so rare. There are no pillows on this couch. Only stuffed animals. No dolls. No other toys. Only stuffed animals. And two little girls.

I went through all of them, and pulled out the ones that were "special." The zebra Captain America bought for Ella at the Bellagio before she was born, etc. Precious Meow-Meow, Ella's sleeping companion. Natalie's VISA (Very Important Stuffed Animal) Curious George.

That yielded one small laundry basketful. Then we let each girl go through them and choose 10 a piece, very carefully. There was much trading going on. Finally, we loaded up almost 3 garbage bags full of stuffed animals.

I'm not one to throw things away. They'll probably go to Goodwill, unless you can tell me something else to do with them.


Katie said...

Goodwill is always good,(pardon the pun) unless there exists somewhere a charity that would mail them to orphans in Asia or something? No clue if that's even possible, just a thought. Since we both know if you give them to goodwill, some poor mothers nearby will be forced to endure the endless "But Mommy its only $2 and I NEED a monkey!! I really do!" That comes with goodwill trips.

Katie said...

And then I got curious about my suggestion and googled 'stuffed animal donation' Many links to many things, but specifically to some police/fire/emergency services depts. around the country that like to have a stash on-hand for children in crisis. Perhaps your local sheriff or some such could put them to use? At least you'd know they went to kids who could really use them.

Jessica said...

I'm proud of you Sarah! I cannot part with a thing around here and you are inspiring. Not that I'll actually do it, but it reminds me that I should.

And when I worked for our Sheriff's Office, I always kept a small box of kids' things, including stuffed animals, in my car to give to kids in crisis. I also sometimes used kids' stuff to help with rapport building if I had to interview a kid about something tough. We had people call to make donations sometimes. I don't know that all departments do this or have the storage space but it's a good idea.

StillH2o said...

I asked Tom not so long ago about the PC Dept. and he said they're stocked!

Joanne@ Blessed... said...

What a great thing to do...and what a hard thing to do. Stuffed animals multiply at our house too. I bet I could find a few from when my adult daughter was a little girl.

Hmmmm maybe it's time I clean out their toy closet!

...and thanks for the sweet comment over at 5 minutes of Faith devo site yesterday. ;O)

Nap Warden said...

Good for you...we are in a constant state of getting rid of stuff. Ours usually goes to the Salvation Army. Well done:)

Beth said...

The church I used to go to had a drive for stuffed animals for kids in Iraqi hospitals. Maybe there are other programs that are similar?

Tricia said...

Do you have a shriners hospital anywhere close to you? I think they take stuffed animals to give to kids that are scared or visiting for the first time.