A couple of weeks ago we headed to La Crosse to check out the housing situation. We stayed at a very cute north woodsy hotel. The girls had a night of Pool FUN! Then we spent an entire day driving about with the realtor looking at houses. To celebrate the girls being precious angels all day (really -- it had to have been divine intervention -- the realtor couldn't stop talking about how wonderful they were), we took them out for a stuffed animal that night. There was much excitement over the new furry friends.

So much excitement, that when we got home and unpacked the next day, I realized Meow Meow was not with us. After digging through all of our stuff and scouring the van, the only place he could be was back at the hotel. Four and a half hours away. Meow Meow. The one Ella has slept with almost every night since she was a tiny tiny baby. And I felt like a horrible mother. I always make sure we have the irreplaceables with us. Meow Meow is always on the list. And I didn't this time. I may have cried, but I'm not saying for sure.

Ella was concerned that Meow Meow was gone forever. But I assured her I would call the hotel. It took a couple of days to get a hold of someone in housekeeping. When I did, she was very nice. "Oh I understand! My 16 yr old daughter still has her blankie sitting on her bed." There are times in your life when you are sensible. And there are times in your life where it all goes out the window. I gave a random person in housekeeping my credit card info to mail Meow Meow back at whatever mystery cost it took. Lecture me later, people, it's MEOW MEOW.

And here he is, back where he belongs.
Welcome home, dearest Meow Meow, welcome home.

(Oh, and if you need a hotel in La Crosse, I have one I can recommend. She even called a couple days later to make sure Meow Meow had made it home safely.)


Soliloquy said...

Whoa. Whoa. WHOA!

You bought MORE stuffed animals????

What happened to ridding the house of the stuffed animal menagerie?!?!?

Jessica said...

I would have done the same thing. And I would have shed many a tear.