Remember me?

So, we're moving to Wisconsin. How's that for random?

I'll have more later, but in the meantime I need to sell a house, find a place to live, and keep up with my regular work which is rather plentiful these days.

Oh, and I have a 6 yr old. She'd tell you all about it. Like she did to the Fed Ex guy today. All about how old she is, what we're doing today, in what order, we're moving, where, etc. Maybe she should get her own blog.


Patty said...

If you need help packing I could contact the Two Guys from Texas and have them saddle up and ride on over yonder!

OleNelson said...

Hah! I would totally read Ella's blog.

Signed: An old friend from high school who totally reads your blog.

gretchen said...

On the bright side, Ella won't have any problem making friends in Wisconsin!

Emily said...