Back to School Shopping, Take 1

Last week we turned in the girls' school papers to get set for school this year. Got Ella's information packet last Friday, and HEY! She's got registration & pictures this Tuesday! (So does Natalie, apparently, which I just found out 2 minutes ago).

So yesterday afternoon I took Ella out in search of the elusive School Picture Outfit. The SPO, if you will. We went to Old Navy first. I picked out a few things, and then we headed off to the dressing room. Because Ella is crazy skinny. And I can't get clothes that fit her. And the adjustable waist is no longer her friend, because the buttons apparently bother her. Good stuff.

So we get into the dressing room for her first time. Ok, try this on. "Did you lock the door?" Yes. "Ummm...I'm not comfortable with this. What if someone comes in?" No one is coming in. "Could I change in the bathroom?" No. So she finally gave in, but I had to hold the next clothes ready to drop on her head the moment she got her other clothes off. Little Miss Modest.

Meanwhile, she fell in love with this puffy vest. "Can I get it? Can I get it please? I really want it!" Where will you wear it? "School. Stores. {shrugs} Everywhere." Alrighty then. Looks like Ella's going to be rockin' the puffy vest this fall. I couldn't help it. She's never shown much interest in clothes or accessories. I did manage to talk her out of wearing it home, since it was 85 degrees out.

Off to look for shoes. None of which fit her feet. NONE. Nada. I tried at least 4 stores. Not happening. She was so excited when she saw all the racks. "Do they have Skechers?" I'm sorry, what? My 6 yr old knows shoe brands? Imagine her sheer joy when we went to Kohls, and not only did they have Skechers, they had these! "MOM. These are SO COOL." And * gasp * ! They had these. I had a 6 yr old drooling over shoes.

But you know what? I don't really have time to blog right now. Because I just found out that Natalie ALSO has school pictures TOMORROW. And oh my sweet goodness we are unprepared. I need to rally the troops.


Anonymous said...

The absolute best school picture taken of No.1 son was the year I forgot it was *the day* and Jim wore, in addition to a big grin, his donkey-kong shirt!

Molly said...

I LOVE those shoes! Do they have them in big girl sizes?