Back to School Shopping, Take 2

In light of all the school pictures today, we had another round of shopping yesterday afternoon. Good times.

Ella is a challenge to dress. I think I've been through this with you. Hard to find clothes that fit her. Harder to find dress shoes that fit her. I just wanted some little ballet flats. Her heel slips out of every stinking pair. So we were searching for the elusive fitting shoes.

Natalie is a challenge to dress. I've been through this as well. There is no point in choosing something without her because she will find a reason not to like it. A strange reason. The Mini-Fashionista was only made happy by Gap. She found a shirt she liked, but she didn't like the matching skirt. It's too short (well, it was - c'mon Gap). She doesn't like capris across the board apparently. She wanted shorts. The shorts were too short. She finally found a pair of denim bermuda shorts that she liked because they had a scarf belt.

At one point - I kid you not - we were in a shoe store and they both spotted a pair of shoes. The conversation went as follows:

Natalie: "Are those Rhinos?"
Ella: "Yeah! Cool!"
Natalie: "Cool!"
Ella: "They'll make us jump higher and run faster!"

Seriously. My children are marketing sponges. Thanks again, iCarly and Nickelodeon.


Molly said...

It must run in the family. Sam told me today he wants Sketchers, and I have no idea how he even knows what they are. And he can recite practically word for word the cleaning power of OxiClean. No more TV in this house.