Today was suckish.

About a week ago the girls and I were in the car and Natalie announced her hat was "suckish." I'm sorry, what? Investigation led to the discovery that it's something said on iCarly. A lot. And although the girls will not be allowed to say it, I'm feeling it right now. How's that for a double standard?

Because I'm the mom, that's why!

This morning I mentioned to the girls that we should be praying for a friend of ours because she seems to be having a baby today. Natalie says, "I want to know how babies get out of mommies' tummies." Of course you do. Cue dreaded discussion.

Then we got word from the realtor. Couple, who has looked at our house FOUR TIMES does not want to put in an offer. Ouch. I really, really meant not to get my hopes up. But I think I still did.

Meanwhile, Ella & Natalie have started playing some kind of game where Ella hides 3 pens, and then she says "go" and they race to find them. And she wins. BECAUSE SHE HID THEM. So Natalie starts crying. And I say, "Give them to your sister, it is her turn to hide them." And Ella starts to take off. And I say, "GIVE THEM TO YOUR SISTER NOW." And she's running down the stairs, so I grab her hand quickly and she's wrestling away from me and oh my goodness how has this happened??? So we're on the stairs. I finally have to let go of her and pray she doesn't fall down the stairs. She doesn't. I'm floored. Ella is not one for blatant defiance of that magnitude. She usually feels the responsibility of a firstborn. NOT TODAY. So I send her to her room & then I follow for a stern talking to. During which she starts to smile/laugh.

Remember a few posts ago? When I was all, "Oh the girls are so great and we're bonding and isn't it all sunshine & roses?" HA.

So basically, today has been suckish. But it is miracle treat day at Dairy Queen, and since it's for the kids & all I plan to participate. Only I think I'll have a medium instead of a small.

But God is good and God is wise, and at some point I will look back and say, "thank goodness it happened that way." Because that's the way it always is.


Anonymous said...

Dairy Queen sounds good....

email said...

remember when we'd detour to starbuck dairy queen when we had to go work on the paper over there....i love detours : )

Aimee said...

Sorry you've had a suckish day...but secretly I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one dealing with kid attitude/discipline issues. Seriously, how do they know exactly WHAT buttons to push WHEN??? And where do they get these little defiant attitudes all of the sudden?? Ugh!! It's been a rough 2 weeks in Libbyland - since Chad went back to work and we have no daycare (besides a couple of hours here and there where Grandma comes to the rescue so I can attempt to get a smidgeon of work done during normal business hours). I just keep telling myself, "This too shall pass". Not quite sure what I'll do if it doesn't!!

Hope your day tomorrow goes much better!! As you said, God is in control and He is wise...we'll just keep praying for wisdom and strength to endure the testing of the monsters, errr, I mean children. :D

gretchen said...

Good luck with the dreaded discussion. I got totally flummoxed when Jude asked me how he got out of my tummy, and I stupidly told him he came out of my "bottom". Which made him laugh hysterically and ask if poop came out with him!