From 6 to 13 in a matter of weeks

How does this happen? How does my 6 yr old suddenly turn 13?

Right now she's stomping around upstairs (quite impressive stomping if I do say so...) because I won't let her fingerpaint right now. I told her she & Natalie can watch a movie while I get some work done, but they have to agree on which one. I've heard her saying things like:
"If you don't watch this one, I'll never watch a movie with you again!"
"I'm not watching any of your movies!"

She's always been a negotiator. But lately some of the negotiating has taken on a sort of hostile tone. I'm hoping it's just time for school to start.

I mean, wherever has she learned this drama? {said while whistling and looking around to avoid eye contact} Certainly not from ME.

Our other favorite phrase this week is "NO FAIR." Ella got a new backpack, NO FAIR. Natalie got a stuffed green lizard, NO FAIR. I want to fingerpaint, NO FAIR. Natalie got to play computer, NO FAIR. Ella got to play computer, NO FAIR. Ella got to print two things, NO FAIR.

And now I've heard another of my favorites, "I'm gonna tell!!!" Followed by a scream, and some tears.

Natalie: "You don't like me!"
Ella: "Yes I do! I like you!"
Natalie: "You're tricking!"

I'm just going to mentally go back to lunch, when Ella wanted to sit by Natalie because, "Next week I'll miss her when I'm having lunch at school."


Aimee said...

I cannot even tell you how RELIEVED I was to read this post and hear that I'm not the only mom dealing with the "That's not fair!" crap right now. Seriously, children. What is up with that?? Carson says that after every statement he makes..."I'm hungry, it's not fair!", "I have to go potty, it's not fair!!", or "I wanna get dressed, it's not fair!". This morning he was talking to the dog and he says "Boots, you're brown and you're a girl - it's not fair!". What??? I have NO idea where he even heard the phrase, but I'll sure be celebrating the day we move on to the next phase, whatever that may be. At this point I think I'd rather go back to the "poopie butt" phase...ya know, the one where everything he said was followed by "poopie butt" and a big fat belly laugh at himself. :)