Have I mentioned I love fall?

I just looked at the 10 day forecast, and was shocked to see that it looked like fall. And then I noticed it's August 27. So a 10 day forecast could very reasonably look like fall right about now.

I have said before how much I like fall. This year is particularly fall-ish for me. I've always felt like fall is more of a new beginning than New Year's, what with all the new school supplies and such. And now that we've moved to an entirely new place, I feel like we're just settled in enough now to start with the new here.

The girls start school next Tuesday, and I think we're all going to enjoy being on some sort of schedule again. The girls seem to have had entirely too much togetherness this summer. Which usually ends in Natalie trying to tell Ella something, Ella doesn't listen, Natalie screams at the top of her lungs and Ella walks away. It's fun times.

The onset of fall makes me want to eat better. Drink more water. Read more. Exercise. Burn candles. Bake with pumpkin (which my sister can attest I am well-stocked to do). Dye my hair. Cook in the crock pot.

Not necessarily in that order.


alece said...

i LOVE autumn. africa doesn't really have the "tweener" seasons; only summer and winter. so i always enjoy being in america for fall.