The conclusion. Sort of. But not really.

Remember last year, when my friend Tony got cancer and I was thrown into a hideous spiral of funk?


Praise God, the cancer is gone. They just found out this week that there are no cancer cells. Unfortunately Tony likes to get pneumonia. There's an infection in his lung, and it's collapsed. So please keep him and his family in your prayers. I can't imagine how wonderful it would feel for them to put all of this behind them, and for him to feel well again. Even throughout the treatments, he kept singing on the worship team and wrote some amazing new songs (yeah, I've only heard one, but I'm pretty confident the rest are good too). It's time for a new cd, I think.

God is really, really BIG. Every time I drive around surrounded by the bluffs, sometimes draped in fog, I can't help but think it. All the different landscapes He's created. The magnitude of what He can do. And to think that He holds each of us close to His heart and truly cares about each of us, whether we see it or not.


Patty said...

Praise God!!! I had not heard this awesome news! Thanks for sharing. And...I am also anxiously awaiting the release of another CD! :)