Hack, hack

Oh dear friends, it has been a long week.

Mid-week last week Ella started to sniffle. Her throat hurt. I chalked it up to allergies or a cold, because there was no fever involved. She was still pretty perky, so I sent her off to school on Thursday. Right after I got Natalie off on the school bus at 8, I got a call from school to pick Ella up. She had apparently thrown up on the bus. Poor baby. So I ran over to get her. She looked like she felt pretty yucky, so I grabbed her backpack and said, "So you threw up on the bus, huh?"

Blank look. "No."

So what it boils down to, is a few girls brought her into the office saying she'd thrown up on the bus, I don't think she actually did because she says she didn't. She kept saying she "got sick" on the bus, and I'm betting she said that and they assumed she'd thrown up. Really she just started to feel junkie. I'm not positive, but that's my guess.

Bottom line is Thursday Ella was home sick. She laid down & watched a movie for about an hour or so. Then she popped up. "Mom? What can I do? Can I make a craft I've never made before? Can I fingerpaint?" So much for sickness.

That night Natalie woke up crying. And she didn't stop much til morning. "My fwoat sows." Same cold thing Ella had. Only it kept Natalie up almost the whole night. I think I probably got about 3 one hour naps in over the course of the night. Called her in sick Friday, and sent Ella back. She was pretty ok by mid-morning as well. Despite her lack of sleep. And mine.

The hack-y sisters have been going for a few days now. Bored out of their minds. Hack, hack. "Chase us!" Hack, hack.

They seem to be on an upswing. I sent them both back to school today. Me? My fwoat sows.


Shannon Gorder said...

LOL Taylor is hack hack chase me hack hack chase me right now too!

Jessica said...

You poor girl....those are long days. We're sharing some junk around here too. Stayed home from Sunday School but well enough today to go to preschool. We'll see how it goes. So far they're still sleeping and that's the biggest thing for me (in order to deal with it like a loving mom).

Patty said...

Maybe ML could send you some of her excess construction paper to use for boredom reduction should she "get sick" on the bus again and need to come home! :)

gretchen said...

Hang in there. And take your vitamins! You don't want to end up hacking too!