Possibly the most boring post ever

We're now two weeks into the school year here, and the girls are loving it. It's such a relief! I assumed after the first year of preschool that Natalie just didn't like school. I figured she was a such a homebody, she just didn't want to go. For whatever reason, she just loves it this year (all two weeks of it - certainly it could change). She's got stories to tell and songs to sing.

How is it that my time sans kids is on hyperspeed? Yesterday it was as if five minutes passed between getting them loaded on the bus and getting Natalie back home again. Today I got an oil change, ran to two stores, and hustled home because I had to beat Natalie's bus. I think part of my problem is that I don't feel awake before 9. I think I'm having a tougher time adjusting to the school schedule than the girls are.

Have I mentioned our house is still for sale? Yeah. It is.

I survived the fantasy football weekend. I ended up playing auctioneer again. But then I went to Caribou, and felt pretty good about life again. And I broke 100 in my annual bowling trip. Sunday Captain America and I flitted from restaurant to restaurant, at one point literally walking out of Applebee's where we met a friend and into Big Bowl to meet his parents with the girls. I was full til around Tuesday.

I'd write more, but I already feel badly for making you read what you have. Poor things.