Back to School Shopping, One More Time

In August when I did the back to school shopping, I really only did what the girls needed right away. So yesterday I found myself in the dressing rooms with Ella again in search of pants. Since today she was going to be standing at the bus stop in 50 something degrees with gale force winds. She literally had one pair of fleece pants that fit her, and the rest have been put in her sister's drawer.

We started at Target, because I enjoy buying pants for $7 when who knows what is going to happen to them. Especially on the playground. Ella has been to the school nurse no less than five times already this year, often for wound cleanup and bandaids. I've been having a terrible time figuring out her size, so I grabbed five pairs of pants and we headed to the dressing room. It went like this:

Ella: "Where are the boys' dressing rooms?"
Me: "On the other hallway."
Ella: "Ok, good."
Ella: "Where is the button to press when you need help?"
Me:"Honey, this is Target. They have the button at the Gap. Get your shoes & pants off, and start with this pair of jeans."
Ella: "Is the door locked?"
Me: "Yes, the door is locked."
After trying on two pairs of jeans, Ella says, "Mom? I think I'm getting comfortable with this. It took three times in a dressing room, but now I feel better."

She tried on all five pairs, and lo and behold I bought her the same size I did last year. Her other jeans in that brand and size have apparently shrunk like crazy because Natalie is wearing them now. Perhaps this is what comes of buying $7 pairs of jeans?

Then we stopped in the shoe aisle. Because, have you missed our shoe trouble this year? I have purchased and returned at LEAST four pairs of shoes. Yesterday she tried on a pair and said, "Mom! I love these! I think God put these here for me so we could get them! They're my size!" Yes, honey, Mommy firmly believes that sometimes God puts shoes in the store just for us...

Next stop: Old Navy.
Not that you're keeping track, and why would you? But the last time we went Ella would not leave the store without this vest. Lucky for her it's finally cold enough to wear it this week. I picked out more jeans for her to try, and a couple of shirts. And then Ella saw these in purple. "Oh Mommy! Can I get these? Please!! I promise I'll wear them!" She tried on a pair and we carried them around for a while. Then we had to go to the dressing room.

E: "Um, Mom? Are you sure the door is locked?"
M: "Yes, Ella. When you close the door it locks. Try these jeans on."
E: "But how do you KNOW it's locked?"
M: "It is. Every time you close it, it's locked. Here we go, take your shoes off."
E: "I'm not as comfortable with this. I liked it better when the bench was on the side, not in the back."
M: "Ok, well, let's just try these on quickly and be done."
E: "Do they have a button if we need a different size?"
M: "No, honey. We'll just ask the nice girl by the door if we need something."

To my dismay she did not like the super cute skinny jeans that she could have tucked into her new boots. They felt funny. But she did have a good lesson in denim cuts, and now knows her skinny leg from her bootcut from her flare.

On our way up to the counter I noticed the sneaky Old Navy people had put racks of clearance right in the middle for all to see. I nabbed $12 worth of clothes. Which got me a short sleeved sweater, a long sleeved dress and a pair of denim capris. The capris were $1.98. Have you ever even heard of such a thing? One pair. My size.

Maybe God put those capris there just for me...


Katie said...

if this is what i have to look forward to when my daughter is old enough to shop, i think i'll return her. or send her to live with auntie Laci. or something. wow. but way to go on pants for 1.98 that's my kind of sale:)

jersey said...

I don't even know the differences between jeans cuts.