First Day of School!

Can you even say, "First day of school" without hearing Nemo saying it? Just me? Fine.

As I sit here staring at the clock, waiting for bus time, I thought I could use a distraction. But not so much of one that I forget about the bus. Hi, my name is Sarah, and I have issues concerning letting go of my children.

Last year we lived across the street from school. And still, our neighbor worked at school and walked Ella home everyday. Now Ella has hit the big time. She woke up this morning totally psyched for school. I mean, she broke into the first grader song. She did everything she was supposed to do to get ready for school. Quickly. She marched right into her class, ready to go.

We had Natalie's day of orientation. Learned of the severe peanut allergies in her class (man, my heart goes out to those suffering from epi-pen worthy allergies). Tried out the playground. Read the Kissing Hand. Met the families who just moved here from New Mexico and Guatemala (guess I'll calm down now). They were so cute. "How will we know when it's time for snowpants?" We all had a good chuckle and gave an "oh, you'll know alright." But the very nice woman next to Mrs. Guatemala gave her the real story, and I tried to help out Mrs. New Mexico. Then Natalie got to test out the bus, and meet her bus driver who will bring her home from school.

So we came home. We had lunch. AND THEN I HIT THE PANIC BUTTON.

Ella has never been a bus rider. And I only found out yesterday that her stop is actually 2 blocks down and half a block over from here. I was under the impression she'd be dropped off at our house, because Natalie will be on the preschool bus. What if she gets off too early? What if she doesn't get off? What if she walks the wrong way? {whimper, whimper, fetal position}

And my sister has reminded me, that even when I don't know where Ella is or what she is doing, God does. I've programmed the bus company's number into my phone. The rest is not up to me. Millions of kids ride the bus every day, and are just fine. I'll go where she's supposed to be, and we'll walk home for the first week, so she can learn the route and practice more.

Ella got off the bus where they said she would. And then the bus made 2 stops closer to our house. She was the only one who got dropped off there. Gonna figure that one out.


jersey said...

Not sure if you'll find this interesting reading or not, but...

Why I Let My 9-Year-Old Ride the Subway Alone

Marylisa said...

Very interesting article. Good for that Mommy. I would argue from my own childhood (no offense, Mom) that there's also the beauty of having your child know that you the parent are very near because, after all, you are a -- what shall we say? -- child.

StillH2o said...

None taken, but if I had it to do over...