The power to be thankful

That's right kids, it's VBS week. I return this year as my sister's sidekick/helper for the opening & closing, only this year that makes me Professor Sarah. Rock on. We're doing Power Lab, which apparently makes us all crazy scientists. Not my forte, but I can adapt to an elementary level.

Today I learned that Jesus gave us the power to be thankful (AHA!). So here's my list of what I'm thankful for, here on a Monday afternoon (aside from the obvious like my family, etc):

• A fabulous InterVarsity reunion! It was really, really great to see everybody. I hope it becomes an annual get together, because it seems a shame to let it go longer.
• Going to the Game Stop at just the right time to score a Wii Fit. (2 had just arrived, and he had to unpack it for me)
• Working from home so I can be a VBS helper.
• Having children old enough to both be in VBS.
Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell
• The blogs of strangers (I am so hooked).
• Summer clearance clothing and shoes, now that summer is here.
• 5 p.m.

What are you thankful for right now?


Libby Design said...

DUDE!!! We're doing the same thing for our VBS the first week in August. I'm in charge of crafts...imagine that! :)

Your list of what you're thankful for sounds a lot like mine!! Today I had to call my Mom about my KILLER deal I got at Target - swim diapers on a "Temporary Price Reduction" for $2.99 , PLUS I had a $2 off coupon. SCORE!!! And then my shirt that was 90% off for a whopping $8 at Kohl's rang up $4. Gosh, what an incredible day I had!!