Ugh. *moan* *sniff* I love summer.

I don't know what happened. Last week I got up and went on a couple mile walk everyday. I felt great. Yesterday I did the same. Feeling good! Did some gardening last night. Maybe that was the problem. I'm a sensitive girl.

Last night post-gardening I had the sneaking suspicion I could use a little Claritan. And I felt like I couldn't drink enough water to make my throat feel good (rare for me to want water). Overnight it got ugly. U-G-L-Y, people. By morning my whole face and teeth hurt with sinus pain. My throat is so sore from whatever that I drank an entire pot (3 cups) of my fancy tea this morning before I could even attempt swallowing the Sudafed.

I think I have brought myself up to functional. But just barely. And I'm going to make another pot of tea. Maybe read some more stranger's blogs.

Stupid summer and your moldy pollen. I'll miss you when you're gone...