Stepping out of The Funk for a moment...

To wish my dear friend Amy a very Happy 11 Years! Amy and Captain America had a few classes together in high school. When Amy was mid-college, she was diagnosed with aplastic anemia. It was eleven years ago today that her brother supplied bone marrow for a transplant.

After her recovery, she moved to Duluth just 2 blocks from where we lived as newlyweds. And even 10 years later, I still miss opening the door to see Amy had stopped by. Or watching 90210 together at her apartment, followed by riveting discussion over her Sicilian Meatloaf. Those who know her, know Amy is a ray of sunshine in your life! So while I'm sad we now live states away, I love that we at least have email.

We each have a unique perspective on life, because of the circumstances we have each experienced. I am so grateful that God keeps her in my life, so that I can benefit from hers.

Happy 11, Amy! We love you!


Anonymous said...

As Amy's MIL, I agree 100% with your assessment of the joy she has brought into my/our lives! Add me to the "we love you" group!

Lisa~Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Happy 11 to your friend! :)