These precious, precious dear ones.

While shopping at Target with both girls the other day:
Ella: "Mom? You're a really nice mom. I love you."
Me: "Awww. Thanks, Ella. That's really sweet."
Ella: "Because I really, REALLY want to go to Pizza Ranch."
Ah. Apparently she had not missed that if they were good we would go out to eat.

A few weeks ago at church, I wore my fabulous shoes to church, and switched to some flats to run a couple errands before we went home.
Natalie: "Mom, did you change to flats? You had heels before."
That just makes a shoe-loving mommy's heart skip a beat when said by a 3 yr old.

Last night:
Ella: "MOoooooom? Natalie says she doesn't want to be my sister anymore."


Lisa~Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

I love what comes out of kids' mouths. Too tooooooo cute :)

Wildwood Mama said...

Kids are so funny!

Beck said...

Little kids - so cute and yet so BRUTAL.