Tackle it Tuesday!

Woohoo! It's Tuesday! Ugh. Whatever. Tuesday mornings suck the life out of me. But that's another post.

This week I'm participating in 5 Minutes for Mom's Tackle it Tuesday. Because I'm all about tackling house projects {insert hysterical laughter}. No, seriously, they offered free CLR. These days when I hear "free" or "win", I am a complete junkie. I'd probably jump at the chance for free garbage. But please don't stage an intervention, I'm not ready yet.

Anyway. So the kind folks at CLR were going to send out a bottle of CLR Bath & Kitchen Multi-Surface Cleaner, and I was supposed to find something gross in my bath or kitchen to clean to show how fabulous CLR is.

Surprise #1: I sort of expected some little trial size bottle, just enough for my Tackle it job. Full size bottle. Thanks, CLR.

Without further ado, grossness from my bathroom.

Ish. Sorry about that. Going back in time, I would not have purchased this vanity. Whatever the sink is made out of refuses to ever really be sparkly clean. Gross.

So I waited til the munchkins were at school, hosed it down in CLR and waited the prescribed 3 minutes. I shut the bathroom door to keep the cat out. Because even though I may be sick of the cat, I don't want to deal with a poisoned one.

Surprise #2: When I walked back into the bathroom, I expected my senses to be assaulted by hideous chemical smells. It really didn't smell much. I could smell my rubber gloves more than the spray itself.

I ran a little water & wiped the sink down. I wiped around the faucet, and it seemed like it wanted to be cleaner than the paper towel was getting so I grabbed an old toothbrush and swiped at some of the crusties. They came willingly.

Surprise #3: It seems to work.

So while my sink is still my stupid sink that hasn't been sparkly since Day 1, it has definitely improved. Moreso than with any other cleaner I've used actually. They already gave me the free CLR, and I don't get paid so there's really no reason for me to cover for them. I'm interested to see what other nastiness it might remove from my house. It really doesn't even come through in the pictures how much better it is.


jersey said...

And here I am reading this thinking, "Wait - the CLR is already free.... Oh, wait, something different...."


Yeah - I'm a geek.

Susie said...

Great tackle and a great review:-)

Lisa~Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Good job! I had one of those sinks a couple military houses ago. Luckily we've been blessed since. On post housing can be fun, lemme tell ya...