Third Day of School, Third Day of School!

Yeah, that doesn't have the same ring at all.

But it IS the third day of school. Natalie's still having a great time. She loves her bus ride home. She's telling me a lot more of what she's been doing and about her classmates. Apparently one boy is "allewgic" to milk. So he has orange juice at snack. FYI. She even sang me a song they've been doing.

Can I just say, Natalie cracks me up? I mean, both my girls do. But Natalie's stuff always comes out of nowhere. Yesterday we're waiting for Ella's bus. For half an hour. We went 10 minutes early, and it was 20 minutes late. After about 20 minutes Natalie looks at me and says, "Mama? This is lame." And it was.

Ella seems to be doing well too. Today was her first day to ride the bus to school in the morning, and, yeah, I'm THAT mom. When I dropped Natalie off later I checked to see Ella, to make sure she made it ok. She was waiting outside with all the kids, right by her new BFF Torii. Torry. Torrie. Tori. I don't know. T sits across from her in their group. Anyway, she was cold. I don't know how I'm supposed to dress her when it's in the 50s when she gets on the bus, and 77 when she gets off.

In any case, Ella's enjoying first grade. She's been catching up with the pastor's daughter at recess to play, although they're not in the same class, and I love that she's making friends. (Did I mention I think we've found a church?)

Me? Oh the sweet silence...

Although today the welcome lady came. It's not a Welcome Wagon anymore. It's a Welcome Celebration or something. ANYWAY. Girlfriend brought me bags of coupons and gift cards. So count me in! She has moved 17 times in 22 years. SEVENTEEN. Army family - good guess.

Shout out to Patty, who is having a Peaceful Fall...what's that like? That's alright. I'm determined to find something to love about every age & stage. And I know by the time my fall is quiet and peaceful, I'll have earned it. And I bet I'll miss these little birds very much.


Tor said...

let's just call her "torrie" and be done with it! haha! that's awesome that she's found a friend with SUCH a cool name! and yay for coupons!! =)