And now I'm a thief.

This week I'm doing a Friday 5. Idea to do a 5 stolen from Jersey. (Amy, this is your assignment)

Five Things I LOVE About Fall
1. Pumpkin spices
2. Fall foliage
3. Back to school and all it's supplies
4. Honeycrisp apples
5. New fall fashion/colors
6. Eeking out those last warm days
7. Return of my tv shows (YAY Office!)

Sorry. Couldn't keep it to 5. I either love fall too much, or talk too much. Debatable.

In other news, today Ella is enjoying her first pep fest. She was really excited. She kept telling me that the Home Run people were coming to school. She needed a Home Run button. Ella, do you mean "homecoming?" Yes. In any case. She could not have been prouder to put on her school polo for Spirit Day. "The Football Guys are coming, Mom!"

Natalie the Drama Queen is in high form this week. I'm hearing a lot of "humpf!" I had warned her teacher that Natalie is nothing like Ella. Ella is very particular about following the rules (you know, away from home). Natalie is...well...less concerned about those things. I'd hoped it might be one of those things reserved for me. Until Miss Heidi burst my bubble yesterday. "I saw a little of the attitude you had talked about today." Oh. Good. Well. Apparently it was time to stop playing, and to do centers. Natalie didn't want to. So she sat, and she cried through the entire center time. I think they just stuck her in a corner until she was done or something (a tactic often employed here). In any case, shoot. We had a little discussion about what was appropriate school behavior (what the teacher says, goes). Hopefully it doesn't happen again. Or at least it's not a regular issue.

Ok, I'm off to enjoy a fall 82 degree day. With a honeycrisp apple. After my pumpkin latte this morning. And watching the Office premiere last night. * sigh of contentment *


jersey said...

You are forgiven for your thievery.

Lisa~Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...


Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

Pumpkin Latte...yum!

I love fall too, pumpkin and cool breezes! We are finally getting some cooler weather.