** Update ** Maybe it's not the bladder

We made it into the doctor before we had to make it an ER trip. Ella's a medical enigma. Another sample showed the bladder is good (although they're still running a culture).

So the mysterious left side pain is just as curious as before. It comes and goes. Sometimes it lasts hours, sometimes a few minutes. It leaves as suddenly as it comes. It is always in the exact same location. It does not seem to be related to activity, although when she's having it she won't stand, walk, or move in any way. It may come while she's completely distracted by a tv show or something, so I really don't think she's just trying to get attention.

In any case, I was terribly relieved that we have probably avoided the ER. And I was terribly frustrated that we still don't know what the problem is.

In other news, I think our little Lake Wobegon clinic is pretty lucky. I have not seen a doctor or nurse practitioner yet that was disappointing. The NP tonight was really good with Ella. She talked to me, talked to her -- encouraged her singing her new counting by 10's song and properly applauding.