Tear-filled farewells

Last Friday my parents had to say goodbye to their dog, Lumpi. We got her the summer before I went to college, and they forever referred to her as my dog. "Can you come let your dog out when we're gone?" "Can you take your dog to the kennel?" "I have to go let your dog in." For the record, this has been going on for 12 years.

In any case, it was Lumpi's time.

Our girls were spending the weekend there while we enjoyed some time in St. Paul for Captain America's work conference. So my mother suggested it would be best if I broke the news to the girls before they got there. Yes. Probably. Shoot.

Sad, sad news.

Me: "Girls. I have something sad to tell you. Lumpi got very sick today, and she died." (I left out the part about Lumpi having an appt. to do so. And yes, this is exactly where I started to cry.)

Girls: "Ohhh...that's sad."
Ella: "I wish I wouldn't have said yes to hearing something sad."

Me: "So Lumpi won't be there when you go to Grandma & Papa's this weekend."

Things sort of started spiraling out of control about now. Where was she going to be? When was she coming back? Rather than explain cremation, I opted for burying in my story. What if we got a shovel? Oh dear.

Me, really starting to cry now: "Girls. Lumpi's not coming back. Lumpi died."

I don't even remember which girl this was: "That means she won't take our toys anymore!"

Um. Yes. I suppose.

"Will Greta die someday?" Yes. Cats & dogs don't live as long as people. But it will be a long, long time.

"Then Greta wouldn't put our toys under the couch!!"

Ok. Nevermind. Mommy's done now. So Daddy swoops in.

Captain America: "Do you remember Grandma Vickie & Papa Murph's dog Bailey?"
Ella: "I do!"
CA: "She died too."

Yup. I'm done. Best do some packing for the weekend. Now that we're all heartbroken & what have you.

In memory of Lumpi, A Very Friendly Dog, 1996-2008


Lisa~Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Aww, how sweet, their words/thoughts. It's so hard for wee ones to comprehend the finality of death.

I'm so sorry for the loss of your doggie, hon *huge hugs*

HarryJack's Mom said...

Aw, Sarah, I'm a new reader but wanted to say how sorry I am to read about the loss of 'your dog.' Big hugs as you and your family remember Lumpi, and kudos to Captain America for getting right to the heart of it.

Alyce said...

You brought tears to my eyes. My four year old is trying to understand death and every other day he asks me if our cat and dog are going to die someday, and then when I say yes (but it's going to be a very long time) he bursts into tears.

Also, I had a dog that my parents got right before I went to college and they did the same thing (calling it my dog). He also passed away this summer. I'm sorry for your loss.

Heather of the EO said...

I came across your blog via your comment on 5 Minutes. You're a delight. I too am sorry about your loss. Your kids did crack me up a bit, I do have to say.
Nice to "meet" you,
A fellow Minnesotan (from the sticks, but now a city girl-confusing to be both :)

Mrs. Sprinkles said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I also came over here to let you know I tagged you.

Nina said...

I am sorry to hear about the dog. It is never easy telling the kids. My mom's dog and cat both died and my son didn't even notice that either one was missing from her house.