And so it begins.

These past couple of weeks have really been giving me a lot of flash forwards with the girls. Now that Ella's in school full time and Natalie's preschooling, they seem so much older. I've learned one thing.

We are in for it.

We are so very in for it.

First day of school, Ella has a small, embarrassed meltdown because a boy is sitting in her seat. Even though the teacher has said to sit anywhere for now. She sees her name. She knows it's where she's supposed to sit.

Yesterday the girls and I are all in the bathroom getting ready for church. One on the potty, one brushing teeth, me attempting makeup. We need more bathrooms. Already. What on earth will it be like when we have two teenage girls??? I mean aside from the fact that Captain America will probably live in a tent in the back yard to avoid us?

Today Ella came bounding home from kindergarten.
Me: "Hey, El, did you have a good day?"
Ella: "Yes, but not a great day."
M: "Why not?"
E: "Because we didn't have time to do the music in music class. We played a game, and there wasn't time to do music."
M: "Was the game fun?"
E: "Yes. But I wanted to do the music. There were too many kids. The game took too long."

Later, when Captain America comes home, Ella falls to pieces. I mean, sobbing hysterics. She is out of control. Her only reasoning, is music class. I have a high-strung student at 5. Lord have mercy. (really, please)

After baths I asked Natalie to go pick up the toys in her room. I got nothing. "Natalie, I asked you to go pick up your toys." "I'm going, I'm going." Seriously? Already I get the teenage attitude? She's 3.

I am really, very fascinated to one day learn God's purpose in giving me girls. Because there are days where it seems like that was a mistake. I am not qualified to parent girls. For now, I cling to the thought that He not only chose them for me, but he also chose me for them. And He knows what he's doing. Thankfully better than I do.

As you do not know the path of the wind, or how the body is formed in a mother's womb, so you cannot understand the work of God, the Maker of all things. Ecclesiates 11:5


Lisa~Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Oh don't I know it! They have minds of their own and they let you know it! I can totally relate and while, when its happening to you it might not be, its really sooo cute :) *hugs*

Alicia said...

So this is what I have to look forward to? My girls are 2 years apart too and my 3 year old and yours seem to be a lot alike.

I hope you are able to get somewhere with your 5 year old. Its so hard when they are expecting something and totally don't get that. Hopefully her day is better today!


Katie said...

Does it help to know that while do I have boys, both already(including my not-yet- 2 year old) have the "attitude" I associate with adolescence. Benett--who since the reunion seems to have outgrown his clingy-ness--has actually rolled his eyes at me on more than one occasion! He's 20 months old for crap's sake.

Tena said...

awww, gotta love attitudes! I love how attitudes differ between boys and girls! I of course only know about the boy attitudes! ACK!

Jenna said...

I'm nervous for my little ones to start school! And they'll be close in age as well!

Sarah said...

The sass thing? It's not just girls! Either that or I have one really sassy little boy (his daddy will be so proud!). I get "All right! All right!" al the time. I'll make your butt all right boy! I'm gonna knock the left clean off!! Not really but he thinks it's funny.