There's more. (aka "Bladder Infection Fun")

A couple of weeks ago I had to take Ella back to the ER. This time they took a urine specimen, which the doctor told her they had to test. No really, his words to my 5 yr old: "Ella, we need to test the urine specimen you gave us." So I translated, "They're going to check your pee honey."

Bladder infection.

So we sat around biding our time til they could round up a dose of drugs to send us home on. Ella had Meow Meow, and told me some stories about him. Who knew he had cousins?

We got a bottle of drugs the next day, and then Captain America and I took off for the weekend, leaving her at Grandma (Hi Mom!) and Papa's. Guilt trip already taken on that one, by the way. She didn't have any trouble after her ER visit. We got home, and she ran out of drugs around Day 5 of 7. I felt like if we hadn't had any screaming or complaining since then, maybe we just wouldn't worry about it. (this is where, in retrospect, I blame myself for my daughter's illness)

So we headed back to the clinic with another urine specimen (or "pee" if you're 5) a week after the first incident for follow-up testing. Infection is apparently still present, but not growing. So she is scheduled to see the urologist Oct. 24. In the meantime, she's been pretty ok.

We've been trying to pump her full of water, but it's sometimes tough when she's at school all day. Today now she came home and is periodically screaming again. I have just handed her the third glass of water, and left a message with the doctor.

I'm frustrated this didn't just go away. I feel like somewhere along the line, I'm at fault. And really, I'd just like it to stop, particularly so we can stop buying $400 lollipops and staying out til 10:30 on school nights.

All comments with suggestions on how to ease bladder infection suffering are especially welcome.


T with Honey said...

I had lots of bladder infections as a kid. The main cause: not wiping or improper wiping after going potty. Make sure she is wiping every time, from front to back.

And once they set in drinking lots of cranberry juice is very helpful.

Emily said...

Cranberry juice for her; cranberry and vodka juice for you; administer every 2 hours as needed for pain and suffering or tolerance of pain and suffering.

Seriously though, have you tried alternating Motrin and Tylenol every 3 hours? At least she'd have some pain relief (assuming her kidneys aren't infected...which you didn't say they were...but if they are then nix the Motrin and just do Tylenol).

Good luck!

Amy said...

Cranberry juice. It has high acidity and therefore can help kill bacteria in the bladder. Tell Ella she is not alone; I am drinking cranberry juice too!