Heard lately

Ella on her first day: "Kindergarten, here I come!"

Natalie has decided for the past week that I will now be Mama. I'm not opposed, it's just a sort of random change from Mommy or Mom. She's been amazingly consistent with it too.

Natalie eating chicken sticks: "I like to call these fish sticks."
Me: "Ok, but they're really chicken sticks."
Natalie: "But I like to call them fish sticks."
Me: "And that's fine, but if you ask for fish sticks, this is not what you'll get. You'll get actual fish sticks."

Natalie upon seeing her preschool which is in a church: "Mama, I know that's a church. It has X's."
Me: "Those are called crosses, honey."
Natalie: "Well we can call them whatever we want, and I like to call them X's."
Me: "Really they're crosses. Jesus died on the cross. Remember?"
Natalie after a pause: "Did he die on THAT cross?"

Me: "What am I going to do with both of you girls gone at school?"
Ella: "Mommy, you'll get a lot of work done."

Captain America: "One day I will refer to this as the bunny incident that broke the camel's back."

Me: "I'm going ho tubbing." (sorry, just can't get enough)

Natalie when picked up from Day 1 of preschool: *sigh* "I'm going to miss Miss Heidi." How will she survive to next Tuesday??

Natalie: "Look how fast I'm coloring!"
Ella: "My teacher says to take it nice and slow..."

Last night I got to spend another couple of hours with Ella in the ER. Bladder infection. Great. Once she started feeling better, she started talking about Meow Meow. "Mom, next time I draw a picture of Meow Meow, I'm going to use a bariety of colors. I'm going to use a bariety." She went on to tell me about Meow Meow's cousins. Seer, who is a girl, and Jake, who lives with his Grandma.

I also enjoyed when the doctor told her he needed to "test her urine specimen." "I know a girl who's older and taller than me at Kindergarten. She's 6." Yes. Well. Good then.

And my favorite of today:
Natalie: "Mama? I love Daddy. Instead of you."
Aren't they precious? These little people? Just warms the heart to overflowing.


Lisa~Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Oh gosh, that is entirely too cute. "I like to call these fish sticks" *dies of cuteness*