I've been tagged

I got tagged by LibbyLand -- post the 4th picture in your photo folder.

So this is Ella. A really long time ago. I can't believe she's 5 1/2 (which she loves to tell you - I'm 5 1/2! I had my half birthday at school!). I'm amazed the little people my babies have turned into.

Speaking of which, yesterday Natalie drew a family picture. Here's Daddy. Here's Natalie. Here's Ella. And here's Mom. "You're having a baby, Mommy." Oh really? News to me. "You're going to have him in 20 days. It's a boy." Ok... much better than real life. I'd take 20 days over 9 months. And what should his name be? "I think his name is Batman. When he grows up, he wants to be a superhero." Yes, as well he should be.


Kate said...

my sons, bless their bizarre little hearts, have "named" my gestating 3rd child all by themselves. Evrett calls it 'Panic Mcgee' and Ben--because he's almost 2 and only knows part of his alphabet song--thinks the baby is "Baby T-U-V". He pronounces it 'teeyouvee'. And yes, since my due date isn't until July I'd love to arrange for a 20 day pregnancy please. Where do kids get this stuff?

The Lone Female said...

Well, with a name like Batman his options would be pretty limited.