The many moods of cabin feverish children

Natalie took down a pipe cleaner that Ella was using as "a clothes hook." Ella cried. Natalie wouldn't give it back. Natalie jumped on the chair Ella had been sitting on. Wouldn't get off. I had to physically remove her from the chair.

Ella colored a picture. She wanted to put it in their room. I said that was fine. She said, "Is it up to us, can we leave it there as long as we want?" Why not? "Yeah. Now you're getting to be nice to us."

Some sort of racing game broke out. Ella started to cry. Natalie wasn't following her rules. I said maybe she didn't know the rules. Natalie said she didn't. Ella started to explain, and Natalie covered her ears.

Natalie went to their room to lay on her bed for a bid. No doubt sucking her thumb to get over all the emotional trauma. Ella tries to go in to lay on her bed, Natalie screams "I WANT TO BE ALONE!!" No one is willing to move from the room. Everyone is crying. Ella comes to me. "Mom, I know how to solve this problem. I shouldn't sleep in Natalie's room anymore." Natalie yells, "NOOOO!! Don't go! I want you to sleep in here!"

"Hey, Natalie, do you want to get bunkbeds?" "Yeah-yah (Natalie's new 'yes'), let's get bunkbeds!"

All this, by 11:00 am.


Marylisa said...

Say the word and we are in that minivan down to Florida. I have to be back by February 8.

Anonymous said...

Oh, do I hear you girl!! Today was better than yesterday but wow, I'm starting to think I should dress in black and white stripes every single day!!!

PLEASE, warm weather, PLEASE, we need to get outside SOON!

Bridgette said...

Hey sarah! You won over at The Not-So-Blog! Check it out!

HarryJack's Mom said...

Mine don't have the cabin fever excuse, but act the same way....I feel your pain and hope they all end up on the happy side at some point!

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

haha, yeah. Fun times. Only not. :/ *hugs*

Unknown said...

And...from one old mom....embrace those times with gusto! Before you know it they are gone and you are sitting in a very quiet house just wishing for a little "back and forth" between the kids. Honest...I'm not kidding here.