You gotta have goals. Do you have a goal?

Ok, bonus points if you can name that movie.

I hate New Year's Resolutions. So I have goals for 2009. Things I'm going to try to do better on, rather than promises to myself that I'll break before lunchtime.

Here are a few in no particular order:

Drink more water. I don't like water. But it's good for you.

Become more fit. I'm afraid this will require exercise. Which may be a problem.

Be more thankful. The other side of this is complain less. So we'll see. I'm hoping to make more thankful lists.

Make more of the time. I'd like to be more intentional with my kids. More one on one time, more family time (spent doing something we meant to do, even if that just means playing the Wii together).

Be more hospitable. Martha I am not. But I would like to make more of an effort in this area.

Talk to strangers. A few weeks ago I sat down in a different spot in church. I didn't know probably the entire three rows of people ahead of me. I'd like to break out of my comfort zone a bit with a "Hey there," followed by inquisitive small talk. Not to check it off my list, but to get to know more people.

Read more books. Ever since the Tivo went down, I've been reading more. It's since been replaced with a Directv DVR (blech), but we ended up missing many of our shows. I felt so behind on them, that we really haven't been watching much tv. Then I read Jane Eyre for crying out loud. Lately I've been alternating easy breezy fiction with classics, and would like to continue. I'm really liking reading more. Suggestions welcome. I will scatter in the very occasional non-fiction for now, but am mostly liking fiction.

Throw more things away. Don't tell Captain America. I don't want him to get excited. I don't like throwing much of anything away, so I really mean to find more things a new home (not in ours). I aim to simplify and declutter.

Learn to play guitar. This has been on my to-do list for a very long time. Without much success. It's a time issue. But I'd like to give it another go.

Listen for the still small voice. I think between me and God, I do a lot of the talking.

This is by no means a complete list, but it's a start. At the end of 2009, I'd like to be able to say I've made some progress in these areas. I find the new year to be a little depressing sometimes. A year is gone, never to return. Did I accomplish anything in 2008? Was 2008 a wasted year? But I will try to focus on the fresh start that lies ahead. Not like I'm changing my life in one day because I flipped the calendar, but 2009 could hold some promise.


Anonymous said...

I don't do resolutions either. A list of goals is more realistic for me.

happy new year.

Anita said...

You have some great goals for the new year!

bethany said...

Great goals-I'm having a Goal a Month resolution and you're welcome to link up with others who are participating!

Unknown said...

Wonderful goals for the new year! I prefer to make goals rather than resolutions too. Resolutions have so much guilt!

God's blessings on you and your family in 2009!

Anonymous said...

Pretty Woman.
"Well, I always wanted to be in the ice capades!"
You got a good list of goals going on girlfriend! Those are awesome. We'll have to check in with you and see how they are going! Take care!

Ps - do i get some cool "Made by Sarah" jewelry for knowing the movie? haha :)

Anonymous said...

Oh..I forgot...When God Let's You Down by Alex Gee is a really good book. I bought it because I was feeling terrible after my miscarriage but even if nothing horrible has happened, it still a wonderful book to read and have when you have those moments of "Where ARE you God?".

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

I also think of my resolutions more as goals.

I share many of the same goals! I think we're both going to accomplish a lot this year.

Anonymous said...


Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

Setting goals is a great way to go. Good luck!!