Winter, I will not let you crush my spirit!!

Ok, it's above zero! YAY. But now it's warm enough to snow. That's right -- it's been TOO. COLD. TO. SNOW.

Natalie's fighting the winter by running around in a swimsuit. Which is a more drastic measure than her usual shorts & tshirt. Meanwhile, I am in longsleeves, a sweater, a blanket, slippers -- the works.

I'm still loving the suggestions I've been getting. Somehow just getting the suggestions from all of you is making me feel a little warm & fuzzy. Even if I've bribed you with something shiny.

I think if I can round up any spare time (the floodgates of work have opened upon me), I might give Martha-Lisa and my favorite winter pastime a go again. Fake vacation planning.

Last year I think we went to Naples, FL. We chose our hotel. Found new swimsuits online and emailed them to each other. Beachwear. Researched restaurants. Picked something off the menu. Emailed each other things like, "Where is the nanny with the children?" or "If you see the cabana boy again, let him know my drink could be freshened up." or "This color polish really doesn't go with my outfit for tonight, do you think we should call for pedicures this afternoon?"

When you're not going anywhere in real life, it's sort of helpful. Any suggestions on where I should take my fake vacation this year?


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I love this!!!! Tahiti maybe????

Marylisa said...

Belieze is supposed to be fun. Alison is in Morroco. What do you think we could do there?

Not Your Average Mom said...

OH this is hilarious! I never thougth of doing that. We are such a low income family that vacations are just not possible - but no one ever suggested that I could take a FAKE vacation...I am on a mission now.
Thanks for your blog, it makes me smile!