Signs your children have seen "Annie" too many times

• They wake you up at 6:45 am singing "Tomorrow." Only they get caught in a loop, never moving on. I've been hearing pretty much every song from Annie, at some point. As the mood strikes, you know.
• They name toys "Sandy."
• The 3 yr old who never wants her hair touched, demands curlers be put in, to look like Annie. (Only she wants them out after 2 minutes -- not sufficient to curl hair, by the way)
• The 3 yr old wants to wear clothes that remind her of Annie. "Mom, this dress is cute. It looks like Annie. Look at my Annie shoes (black Mary Janes)."
• They play orphanage.

And, the biggest neon sign the children have seen to much "Annie":
They call each other, us, and anyone else who is listening a "pig dropping."


Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Too cute! I was a huge fan myself as a kid :)

Anonymous said...

Once again, laughing out loud at my nieces. I used to have a dress Grandma made me that looked exactly like Annie's, with the little rounded collar and everything. Mom sold it on a garage sale. Pig droppings, oh my goodness, so funny.

Marylisa said...

So unfair. This was going to be my post. Oh . . . I'll give it to you and your new tooth.

ElisaB said...

I love Carol Burnett in that movie. It's one of my all time favorites. My kids haven't seen it yet. Perhaps I'll wait... LOL