Ah yesteryear

Sunday I rode along with my sister to pick up her s'aughter Shelby from college. Because apparently they are already done with the year. Fine.

In any case, schlepping her stuff out and trying to pack it into the Equinox has sent me into days worth of reverie.

• I didn't look at colleges. I just wanted to live in Duluth. They had a University of Minnesota campus. It met my dad's criteria and then some (state school, within a day's drive, you could get out in 4 years + bonus skiing). Good enough. Didn't apply anywhere else. Trust me, there are worse ways to choose a school. This was one of the best decisions I ever made.

• Talking to my freshman year roommate on the phone before we met, both anxious to start school. Me not to sure of a homecoming queen. Her not to sure of whatever it is I was trying to be. And then crying our puffy eyes out at the end of the year when we moved out of our dorm. We were in each other's weddings, and she's one of my kids' Godmothers. Sometimes random room assignment works.

• Moving into my 5th floor, farthest room away from anything dorm. In the million degrees Duluth never gets, but had that day. There was one elevator, and a whole lot of people moving. You'd best believe I got heat stroke.

• My parents calling on their way to pick me up at the end of my first year. A rock had been pitched up just right (or wrong) and broken the side window of the minivan. I'd best get my stuff together so we could turn around and go home again (for 2 weeks til I could move into my summer apt.). I think it was raining.

• Staying for summer school every year. Hello?? If you have lived in Duluth, MN for the winter, you have earned the summer. Everything is so laid back in the summer. And you get to live where all the tourists are going. Tons of state parks within a couple hours. Hanging out in the canal to watch the ships and the lift bridge. Rose gardens. Perfect summer temps for me -- I think I only got heatstroke once there in about 3 years.

• I met Captain America after I'd been at college for about 24 hours, so college was really sort of one big date. We got married right before my third year (which was my last year -- thank you summer school!).

* sigh *

Good times.

Shout out to my UMD peeps!


Jessica said...

Ah, the good ol' days.... I have such great memories of being there too. And since I see the campus almost daily (or get close anyway) the memories are close by. And I totally followed a boyfriend there (though I would not admit that to myself or my parents at the time) which is probably worse than how you ended up here. I married someone else though, who I met at UMD and sure am glad I was there to nab him!

Amy said...

Ahh, it makes me want to go back. How dare we ever think life was complicated back then! I told Captain America that we better enjoy our early 30s because when we're in our 40s we'll be wishing we hadn't thought life was so complicated now.

Rachel said...

Hi Sarah - stopping over after reading your comment at BooMama's. Regarding, SYTYCD - I. AM. THERE! I was wondering what I could blog about/who I could make fun of after AI is over and you've solved my problem! Thank you!

That's awesome that you finished college in 3 years... It took me 10. I obviously didn't do summer school and more often than not, didn't do winter school either. Oh well. Live and Learn.