I guess that answers that question.

For a couple of weeks I have been going back & forth on whether Ella should do summer rec. Here in Lake Wobegon all of the summer rec activities are rolled into one for five weeks. She'd go from 9 - Noon and do computer, arts & crafts, science, t-ball -- general summer merriment. It's gone something like this:

Ella really likes to go and to do. If she doesn't do it we'll have 90 days of her asking every morning where we're going and "what can I do that I've never done before?"

If she goes, we lock up five straight weeks of the summer, with the sixth being vacation bible school at our church. Do I want to commit to that?

If she doesn't, she and her sister will have WAY too much quality time together, and I'm not sure I can handle that much sisterly togetherness. And by that I mean fighting and screaming.

I have Grand Plans for our summer, where we take walks and explore and go to parks and go visit friends.

I never actually do the Grand Plans, because I inevitably get a giant work project of some sort.

What if none of her friends are going?

Ella makes new friends inside of the first 20 seconds of meeting people.

So last night I finally just sat down with her and asked her what she thought about it. I started reading her the list of activities. She seemed interested. "Computer time, science, arts & crafts, t-ball, swimming..." That's when I heard an octave I didn't think possible out of a human "SWIMMING???? THERE'S SWIMMING???? I GET TO SWIM???"

Ok then.

The swimming is only a few days and not until July. I feel sorry for the teachers stuck with her until then. "Are we swimming today? Is today the day we swim? Will we swim tomorrow???"


Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Aww, how cute. I don't blame her.I love swimming, too :)

Marylisa said...

Sarah. Send her to summer rec. You're worrying too much about this. It's only a half day for 5 weeks.

Jessica said...

I would be obsessing the same way you are. You're so not alone in this.