They grow up so fast.

It's such a cliché, but sometimes they're true. Last night we had Natalie's end o' the year program for preschool. Which means next year she's in her last year of preschool and Ella's a first grader. WHAT?? When did this happen?

After Natalie's traumatic morning (of the older boys on the playground "being mean" and the tv going wonky), she needed a nap. It took much convincing, but she caved. Which meant I had to wake her up later so she could get ready for her Big Program.

You remember Natalie's the little fashionista, right? Well she had concocted a cute afternoon outfit (some olive green shorts with a white tshirt and a tank top over it). But I was hoping for a dress for the Big Program. She agreed on the red one with ruffles. And then for some reason she didn't. She didn't want a dress. I WANT TO WEAR THIS. "Could you please put one of these on for your program?" "Ok, but then I WON'T WEAR SANDALS." It went on like that for a while. At some point she snapped out of it and wanted a cute dress and some white sandals. She even asked for lip gloss (yikes).

I was worried she was going to be in a post-nap snit for the Big Program. But she rallied. She put on her goofiest grin and did songs and some actions (although sometimes she forgot and just stood there smiling).

Here's Natalie clapping along to the beat.
And here's what Natalie wants to be when she grows up:

Thank you, Miss Heidi, for a great year!


Jessica said...

Wonky??? You are the best, Sarah.

Amy said...

Oh my gosh, that is so cute!