It's counterintuitive. Or I'm a procrastinator. I'm not sure.

I'm insanely overwhelmed today. For some reason work just poured in today, via many different customers. Which is great. And sometimes a little frustrating because I have more trouble prioritizing which jobs to do first (first come, first served doesn't always work since some are rush jobs) than when one customer brings me a lot of work. When I'm overwhelmed with work, it makes everything seem that much more crazy. It seems to multiply my overall to-do list. It's as if it just cranks the intensity knob on life.

So I had many projects to do, kids to bathe, dinner to fix, homework to help with, housework and laundry and probably plenty of other things I'm forgetting.

And now I here I sit. Blogging. Counterintuitive. Shouldn't I be doing my work now that the girls are in bed jabbering away?

But really, this is the right move for me. Because sometimes if I just write out the feelings, it's almost like they're gone. It's a purge. I'll calm down and be able to get some things done. If I'm angry about something, I can write it out and feel better. If I'm in a funk, writing sorts it out. And when I feel stressed and overwhelmed, writing seems to give me back a little focus. And it's less calories than a pint of Ben & Jerry's (but also less tasty).

Speaking of which. Remember when I was in a funk last fall? Life was fragile and tragic and whatnot? Well our friend Tony recently got a CANCER-FREE report. He will continue with some radiation for good measure. "Not to us, but to Your Name be the glory" indeed. Tony's written some great songs through this experience, and I for one am looking forward to when he's able to record them. You can go here to listen to his other music, and order his first cd (which would probably help him get around to making the second).

So I'm not sure why you come here (I'm so random). Maybe you know me. Maybe you stumbled across me when I was giving something away. In any case, I really appreciate it. I appreciate having a place where I can write things down. I'd like to say I'd still write it if no one was reading, but I'm not sure that's true. I'd probably never get around to it. You, dear reader (all precious 5 of you), provide writing accountability. And for that, I thank you.


Herb said...

I'm proud to be one of the five.

Anonymous said...

Aww Sarah....us bloggers are here for you anytime. When I came across your blog, it became an addiction and I'm always checking it out to see what's next. you're such a great writer/blogger.
Blogging most defintely is like therapy...just the purge of feelings seems to take the intensity out of them.
What was it you told me a short time ago? ....Oh yeah...That God is bigger than all this!

Tim Schmoyer said...

Looks like you have at least 3 readers, anyway. Woo hoo! :-)

Patty said...

I'm #4!! Love to read your ramblings!!! :)

Audrey said...

I think rambling thoughts are some of the best! I enjoy your blog, helps me to remember we are all in this together and by God's grace we'll get through it. I appreciate the giggles :)

Rita Bents said...

Guess what?!? You have 6 readers! I love your blog, Sarah.