Dearest Cabin-ers:

My dear cabin friends,

So glad you could come for the weekend! Please enjoy one of our eating establishments. Maybe stop at the bakery for a cookie. The drugstore actually has a lovely gift selection and we also have a little Scandinavian gift shop -- isn't that quaint? By all means, enjoy.

You may want to spend a little time at the museum this summer learning about our fine area, and this beautiful lake you'll be summering on. Perhaps your children would enjoy the summer program at the library.

Here's the thing. Do you think maybe next time you're on the way up, you could pick up some of your groceries before you get here?

Tonight my grocery store was missing:
Tortilla chips with the hint of lime
Creamy salsa
My bread of choice
Half gallons of skim milk

That was really all I went to get. And it was gone. The checkout girl assures me it's not your fault. There's a sale on chips. But certainly it might have helped if you'd hit that last SuperTarget before you made the drive.

In other news, our TV IS ALIVE. It's been reincarnated in the form of a 46" flat panel. TV is back, and better than ever!

Anyway. Thanks again for coming to Lake Wobegon. We appreciate you!


Soliloquy said...

Ruh roh. I'm afraid I am guilty of clearing out Alexandria's grocery store on many a weekend. Don't they order more in anticipation of the rush??

ElisaB said...


Marylisa said...

I would also urge our tourist friends to stop at Target before they come out. I certainly understand the need to go to Fleet Farm and pick up garden supplies, treated, wood, goose repellant and the like . . . but there's really no need for a back up at Target.

Anonymous said...

Really? Is it that bad when all of the summer people arrive? What about those that purchase the Pope County Tribune while shopping in your grocery store?

StillH2o said...

Same old, same old with the unsigned letters.

Marylisa said...

You know back in the day when our lives were affected by the economy of the Pope County Tribune, as it no longer is, we did not accept letters from anonymous writers.

Jessica said...

The cabin-ers buying their groceries at your store is great for your local economy though! Think of the positive!!!