Dearest Cabin-ers: Part II

In case there is any confusion, I really do love you, Cabin Friends. I do.

You remind me that it's summer. It's been a long nasty winter here, and while it's still early in the season, your arrival marks the beginning of summer.

You remind me that I get to live in a place where people vacation. I live at the Cabin. I think that's incredibly cool, and I'm lucky to do it. Sometimes when I take a walk in the summer (when it's below 85 and I'm not headed for heatstroke), I almost feel like I'm on vacation myself.

Also, it's fun to see some new people around after 9 months of winter. There are strangers in town! Only some of you are regulars so you're not really strangers, but you know what I mean. And our snowbirds come home for the summer. It's so nice to have them back (shout out to the AZ & FL peeps)!

I'm also happy to have our Cabin Friends here because tourism is a chunk of our local economy. So really, please, enjoy. Order a pizza. Get some ice cream. Rent a movie. Do some shopping.

You know how you can do something a million times, and it loses its luster? And then maybe you invite someone new along and suddenly it's a brand new adventure? You get to experience it through their eyes, which reminds you how fun it is. That's summer at the Cabin. It's fun to watch new people enjoy the place I've lived in for most of my life.

Welcome, welcome back. I look forward to bumping into you. Just try to leave me a bag of chips. I'll try to leave you a parking space close to the door, because you are our guest. And if you need any rhubarb, let me know.


Anonymous said...

OK, now I think they (we) will feel welcomed. One can only pack so much! And after packing for kids, pets, husbands, we have no more energy or room in the car! Just get everyone to the lake and we will deal with food later!