Oooh! Shiny!

Last night I started coming down with an allergic/sinus migraine. Good times. So I'm feeling a little random today.

I almost always get migraines at night, and then in the morning I have a hang-over like feeling.

Ella stayed home from school today with an allergy cough. She is now learning about life's choices. Natalie is going to the library (and probably other misc. stops) with Grandma. But you don't get to go do that if you stayed home from school. THE INJUSTICE.


Have you seen these key pendants at Tiffany's? I love this one.

Yesterday was Moms & Muffins day at preschool, and I'm living in good faith that it has nothing to do with muffin top. We decorated a whole lot of paper muffins. We did muffin activities like counting pom berries with tweezers into muffin cups. Natalie painted my nails. We made muffins. We watched a video of the kids saying, "Hi Mom, it's Natalie (or whoever the child was, they didn't all say 'Natalie'), I love you because you read me stories (or play with me, or you're pretty), Happy Mother's Day." And let me tell you something, I think we all put on a good show, but there was a whole lot of inconspicuous eye wiping and sniffing.

I watch American Idol, but I don't really care much about the results at this point. All I know is: in a few weeks it's time for So You Think You Can Dance.

A few bloggers I follow are doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. More on that here.

I have the urge to make smoothies, but my blender can't chop ice without smoking. Any blender suggestions that don't require taking out a small loan?

By 8:15 this morning, the girls had already managed to get in such a fight that Natalie slammed their bedroom door and yelled, "I JUST WANT TO BE ALONE!" while Ella stood in the basement yelling and crying, "NATALIE SHUT THE DOOR ON ME!"

Sometimes I like drinking loose leaf tea because it makes me feel all earthy to see the little flowers and twigs and fruit chunks after it's brewed.

I'm not pleased at McDonald's about the Kidz Bop cds in the happy meals. Now I have to listen to Kidz Bop.

Natalie has found a new music love. We went out to eat last night and they had some sort of classic rock station playing, and Natalie was bouncing along and snapping her fingers to every song. But you know what? I'll take it over the kidz bop.

I like to wear skirts better than shorts. And I'm happiest for spring because I'm back in flip flops. I am sad to see/feel all the pollen.

A small, 2 person band of drums and a tambourine and castanet is not good for a migraine.


Have I mentioned I love Seabird?


Aimee said...

I swear we were separated at birth...maybe you, me and Aaron were really TRIPLETS?!?!?! :)

Hope the migraine has let up...miserable!

Happy Mother's Day!!!