I like tea, and other nonsense.

Today I am like your ipod on shuffle. Sometimes it works out great. Sometimes not so much.

One of my best friends this winter is the Mrs. Teapot I stole from my sister's contributions to the summer garage sale. My other good friends are the seasonal Coffeemate creamers.

We're having a snowday here in Lake Wobegon. We had an actual blizzard yesterday, and today the high is negative something. The windchill this morning was -40. For those of you who don't need to know what windchill is because you live on the other side of the mason-dixon, it means when you go outside it feels like it's -40. Despite the fact that it's really only -11 or something. For real.

Yesterday the blizzard was so bad they shut down the ski hill. And they stopped one of our church services (which we had stayed home from) in the middle and sent everyone home.

Have I told you the girls decided to share a room, so now I have an office? Yeah, I think it's going to be shortlived. I think they might need their space more than they realize. And you know what? I'm going to miss this office. Like crazy. But I suspect soon I will be back out in the kitchen. Listening to Dora on the tv. Getting run over in the daily chases. Trying to have business calls while someone yells, "MAMAAAAAA!!! I POOPED!!" in the background.

I laugh at people who think that little girls wear frilly dresses and pigtails and sit sweetly in the corner brushing their baby doll's hair. You may borrow my girls for one week, and see if it's true.

I cry when little kids sing en masse. Not just my own. Strangers. Put a bunch of little kids together, start them on Away in a Manger, and I'll have a softball sized lump in my throat.

I own 4 or 5 gray sweaters. How did this happen?

I want another tattoo.

My favorite pizza is from Pizza Ranch. They used to do BBQ beef. They don't have it anymore. Now I enjoy the buffalo chicken pizza, but only a piece or two. If I were ordering pizza from anywhere else and calories were no object, I'd get Papa John's. Just for the garlic butter. Another weird thing I like to do sometimes is put sour cream on my pizza. Especially pepperoni. I learned it from her, ok?

I love Big Bowl. If I could go have lettuce wraps, shrimp pad thai (because it's not spicey there), and a fresh ginger soda, my day is MADE. I wish we had one within 2 hours.

I've gone on too long already.


Aimee said...

I cried at the Christmas program at church on Sunday, too. And it wasn't because I'd been chasing Carson up and down the bleachers for 45 minutes, either. There's just something about sweet, innocent little kids singing about our Saviour's birth. I don't even want to know what I'll do when my kids are actually up there SINGING. Dear Lord have mercy!! :)

Mac Family 4 said...

I get teary at little kids singing, too. These days, I get teary at everything.
I don't really think little girls sit and quietly play with dolls; I just wish they would. Although the fact that they don't makes it easier to have 3 boys.
And one more random comment, I LOVE Pizza Ranch's buffalo chicken pizza. It's so good, that makes me want to cry too. That and the fact that I can't have it anymore (got the diabetes).

Tara said...

Try a little ranch dressing on pizza. Man, sometimes I serve salad with pizza just so I don't look like a freak with the bottle of dressing on the table for pizza!