Looking for a new car?

Me neither. But if you were, you might check the grocery store parking lot here in Lake Wobegon as soon as the temps crack below zero.

I went last night around 5:45. Nearly every car in the lot was running, and I'm sure unlocked (I didn't check their doors). I turned mine off, because I thought I had too much stuff to get to let it run that long. But I admit I left it running when I went to Subway. And then I got all nervous, because a cop came in to get a sandwich and I have a memory of it being illegal to leave your car running unattended but I don't know if it really is or not. He didn't say anything.

But I'm guessing any Minnesota cop is going to look the other way when it's -11. That way he won't have to jump start it later.

In other news, today is Ella's half birthday at school. Which seems silly. Until you think about it, and she has a summer birthday, so they celebrate the half at school. We got a note home last week that we could bring treats. But they should be of the sugar free low fat variety. Like baby carrots and low fat dip. Happy Half Birthday, honey! When I was in Kindergarten, my aunt Didi sent a sheet cake to my school with six packs of orange pop (soda for my non-MN friends). I have sent a few boxes of Snackwell's Devils Food Cookies. Low fat. Low cholesterol.

I'm not saying I wanted to heap on the sugar or anything. I just would have sent some regular cookies. But I understand there are some health concerns in her room (because the note said so), and I do want to be sensitive to it. I would feel bad if somebody didn't get to have a treat because I brought something they couldn't eat.

I'm going to be the Mystery Reader, since it's Ella's special day. Apparently as the mystery reader, I will sneak into the school office around noon. Someone will come get me from her room, and they will put a bag over my head. Then the kids will guess who I am. And I will read a book. I supplied my own this morning, because I am an overachiever (HA!). Today's selection will be "Ella the Elegant Elephant."


Marylisa said...

Perhaps you will remember the time Dad left his car running in front of the tire dealer while he ran in to get an ad for the newspaper. When he got out, the car was gone. Fortuneately, he had the same model as the tire dealer's wife and somebody was supposed to take it for a car wash. They took Dad's instead.

Sarah said...

I totally missed that!! Hilarious!