Thankful II

I'm still feeling thankful. For the record, it does seem to help to write a thankful list. It makes me more mindful of these things.

So today I am thankful for:

• Captain America, who offered to put the kids to bed last night so I could spend a little more time with my family over at my parents' house

Gigi, who turned 85 this week

• The new computer

• Both of my girls' schools & teachers, right down to every last helper. I've been loving our Lake Wobegon schools. Big cities are nice and fun and there's lots to do and I'm not knocking them one bit. Teachers in Lake Wobegon know and love our kids, and they know our families. We see them in the grocery store and we go to church with them.

• Work, and good people to work with (mostly : P )

• Humidifiers and lotion in a dry, dry winter.

• Clementines. Oh sweet deliciousness.

• Scotch tape, paper, scissors and crayons, which keep my children entertained for hours.

• Ella, who has been exhibiting a lot of sweetness lately.

• Natalie, who will exhibit sweetness again someday (for now I will take joy in her passion. must repeat that to myself.).

• Gingerbread creamer.

• Christmas music. I love Christmas music. All kinds. I have 97 songs in my Christmas itunes list. It's not everything, but that's most of it. Such a short music season.

Which brings me to my 5 favorite Christmas songs this year:
5. "Christmas Song" from Dave Matthews
4. "I Believe in You" by either Go Fish (on More than a Story) or Sinead O'Connor
3. "Love Came Down at Christmas" by Jars of Clay
2. "Jesus Saves" from Travis Cottrell's Ring the Bells cd
1. "It's True" from Sara Groves' O Holy Night cd

And my 5 favorite Christmas carols in no particular order (except that #1 is my favorite):
1. What Child is This?
2. O Come, O Come Emmanuel
3. Silent Night
4. O Holy Night (despite it's abuse when I was growing up)
5. Away in a Manger (one version, but not the other. no idea how to explain which one.)


Katie said...

I'm a Christmas music junkie too! My favorite new find: Sarah McLachlan "Wintersong." It is amazing. It is going on my next favorites list. Very mellow, sit by the Chirstmas lights type of music.