It's a Saturday.

A random, yet lengthy smattering of Saturday:

Last night we picked up a tree. We went with a balsam fir this year, and I have to say I don't know what we were thinking with the scotch pine last year. Seriously.

This morning we had it lit & decorated by 9:30. The girls were a little anxious. Baby Jesus tops the tree again. One of these days, I will find just the right angel. It wouldn't have mattered this year, because that tree looked much smaller at the "tree store." An angel wouldn't fit. Although I guess we could trim the top a bit. But I feel done with decorating it now. I'm moving on.

We (I'm using "we" very loosely here) watched our UMD Bulldogs play in the Division II semifinals. Or whatever it was they were doing. They beat the pants off of California, PA (I think that's who it was.). But the best part was the commentators. They could not get over how cold it was in Duluth, even though they weren't IN Duluth. "It's one of the coldest cities in the country." "It's in the single digits there today." "They call it the San Fransisco of the North." "They drink tomato juice in their beer. It's a Minnesota thing." Wait a minute... what??? I have never even heard of that. Granted, I don't drink beer. But I have been around beer. I have been in a bar. In Minnesota. I have never seen it in my life. Calling all Minnesotans -- have you actually seen this?

Took Ella shopping for her Christmas Program Outfit. She was sort of particular this year. At first she wanted pants. Then she remembered that at some point, she has to curtsy, so she felt she needed a full skirt. She spread the skirts out on every dress, and that's how she chose. Then, my little tomboy insisted on sparkly tights. And shiney shoes. She might be my daughter after all.

Suddenly, she nearly passed out from hunger at Target. She was laying in the cart, almost asleep complaining her tummy hurt. Not something to take lightly in the Season of Stomach Bugs. So we hightailed it. She insisted it was hunger, so against my better judgment, we went to McDonald's. At 3 pm. (For the record, she'd had lunch, she just apparently didn't eat enough)

The highlight: A group of older teens and a mom were sitting near us. Talking about the different parties, etc. they've frequented. "Remember that one with all the Mexicans?" Nice. "They were Puerto Rican." "Whatever. It's all Mexico." Oh my goodness. I think a child has been left behind. Sadly, noone corrected her. And I bit my tongue so I wouldn't. From across McDonald's.

As an aside, Sephora has free shipping with no minimum purchase through Monday. The code is SHOPNOW. This will make it even easier to send me my gifts. Thank you.


Amy said...

Not knowing what Sephora was I thought I would check out their site. And the first thing I saw was this: NARS Safer Multiple Orgasm Set.

I didn't know you had to purchase such things?

April said...

My father actually drinks beer and tomator juice; the only way he'll drink beer. So, I have in fact seen such a thing.

Sarah said...

Ok, the NARS set is blush. :P

And another friend told me about the "red beer" too. How have I missed this going on??? In my defense though, the commentator made it sound like it was practically the only way Minnesotans drank beer, and I don't think that's quite true.

Jessica said...

I've heard of a beer chaser with a bloody mary, which is made of tomato juice...that's the closest I've been to what they're talking about. Never mind all that though, I almost forgot what I was going to say after reading the first comment on here. Seriously, Sarah, even your FRIENDS are hilarious!!!

jersey said...

I don't know that I've ever seen someone in MN specifically have one. However, I have seen it from time to time, and it does seem to be a Midwestern thing.

Eli's Lids said...

Found your blog while clicking around. I love that you have baby jesus on top of your tree. It may become a tradition before you fine the perfect angel!