Thankful I

This past week a sermon hit home with me. Get this -- apparently, we have a tendency to complain. I KNOW. Me? What? It was about being thankful in prayer. How if we have a thankful spirit, we will be thankful in prayer, etc, etc. One of the ways to work on that is to list what you're thankful for. So here is what I am thankful for today (anything and everything):

• Diet Dr. Pepper
• The ability to work from home, and have my kids home with me
• Seeing evidence that I have not yet ruined my children
• Christmas music
• Godiva chocolates (caramels mostly, with no nuts)
• A blanket and a pot of tea when it's snowy
• Lower gas prices
• Paychecks (hooray, they're getting caught up and paying me!)
• Grandmas & Papas (also known as free and loving childcare)
• My new office!
• Little girls who actually want to share a room
• Warm boots and down coats
• Walls covered in little girl art


HarryJack's Mom said...

Aw, and I am thankful for such beautiful images and the internet which makes it possible to share lives that might not otherwise intersect - Happy Thursday!

Beck said...

What a beautiful list - all of these are so, so nice (especially the caramels with no nuts!).

Nap Warden said...